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A simple design helps the exhibits inside, the focus of the exhibition, naturally stand out.
Advanced technologies combine to enable a quantum leap in ease of use and reliability.

These museum display cases are so unobtrusive as to be virtually invisible, so museum visitors can completely immerse themselves in the exhibits. THEORiA is the latest line of museum display cases. A simple stage of glass and lighting, it effectively eliminates distracting elements that can interfere with the appreciation of exhibits. Yet despite its streamlined appearance, THEORiA incorporates many innovative mechanisms, to ensure that delicate exhibits are handled carefully and displayed safely. The flow of operation is smooth, and safety measures are provided to anticipate every situation. This is the ultimate form in quality and functionality.

Display : Design and exhibiting performance

How can design and lighting play a role in showing an artifact or work of art as it is, so the viewer can appreciate its power and beauty without any distractions? At Kokuyo, we spent years perfecting the design and performance of our display cases, pursuing our mission of displaying exhibits as simply and directly as possible. THEORiA is the result of that quest for perfection.

Protection : Safekeeping of exhibits

One of the basic functions of a display case is protecting precious cultural heirlooms from humidity, temperature fluctuations, UV light, hazardous substances and other dangers. Display cases must also provide sufficient seismic isolation and other earthquake-resistant features. THEORiA combines the best of Kokuyo technologies developed over many years of painstaking research for storing and protecting precious exhibits.

Use : Handling characteristics

Museum display cases must be faultlessly easy to handle. From electromotive wall display cases that open fully using a remote control, to free-standing cases featuring a non-directional glass lifting system, Kokuyo's unique THEORiA cases have raised the standard in display case operability.

Technologies that make up the THEORiA design

  Wall display cases Free-standing display cases Lighting
Viewing : Design and exhibiting performance
  • Flat-faced
  • Large glass and aluminum panels
  • Compact LED upper lighting On floor surface
  • Special anti-glare coating
  • Non-directional (no keyholes)
  • Flat joining of glass and base panels
  • 45 degree glass edges for corner joint
  • No slits on floor surface
  • Compact fiber-optic spot lighting on floor surface
  • Special anti-glare coating
  • Variable LED color temperature
  • Fiber-optic spot lighting
Protection ; Safekeeping of exhibits
  • Air replacement rate of 0.1 times or less per day
  • Laminated, high-transmissibility front glass
  • Dividing glass under case ceiling + film
  • Air replacement rate of 0.1 times or less per day
  • Seismic isolation
  • Air circulation fan
Use : Handling characteristics
  • Fully openable by electric motor
  • Opens and closes by remote control
  • Glass lifting
  • Non-directional
  • All glass corners beveled
  • No floor joints
  • Compact fiber-optic spot lighting on floor surface
  • Low viewing cases can be linked in a series
  • Programmable lighting
  • Variable LED color temperature
  • Fiber-optic spot lighting remote control

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